Be there for them.

If your kid is experiencing cyberbullying, there is a way out. Kindigo is a new app that makes it easy for you to stand up for your kids, in a good way, without interfering with their social life. And its free!

Cyberbullying is open for business 24/7. Nasty text messages and emails. Embarrassing photos and videos, fake profiles and group chats. Kindigo uses artificial intelligence to flag any and all content by a cyber bully.

You don’t have to be an IT expert to be involved.

Just tell them they’re not alone.

Stay calm. Kindigo enables you to take action, like reporting an issue to the app, parents, schools or even the police.


We get it. We’ve been there. So what can parents do? What actually works? Kindigo keeps your kids safe online - across all devices, apps, browsers and platforms. Here’s how:

social media, chat platforms, email, games, you name it. 

Installed Apps

images and screenshots sent through social media and messaging apps.

apps your kids are using, each rated with a safety score.

We’ve seen it happen in group chats. We’ve seen cyberbullying happen when it’s first like all fun and jokes.

Web Activity


search history and sites like forums or YouTube.

time spent on any app or website and report usage


App Activity

discuss and approve or block unknown contacts together with your child.

When you download and install our app, Kindigo will add all your kid’s app profiles, internet activity, chats, contacts, you name it.

Sign Up and Add Your Kid

Notification Feed and Alerts

How it works



You will be immediately alerted if something wrong is detected. Kindigo also makes it easy for you to take action and report the incident.

Kindigo will detect any dangerous content using its advanced algorithms. Kindigo knows what #cu46 means 

Stand Up for your kid, the right way


Posting something mean about someone is actually nastier than hurting someone on the playground — because the playground is only in front of the kids who see or hear about it. Online text, photos and videos can spread like wildfire.

Kindigo can also help caring parents like you teach kids how to use mobile phones and apps responsibly and stay safe online 

  • Use the tools within Kindigo to set safe limits for your kid's app and device usage 
  • Get tips from experts on how to handle cyber bullying
  • Other parents are using Kindigo. Connect with them and share tips to help stop cyber bullying

Try Kindigo for free.

Get early access. Keep kids safe with Kindigo. 

We surveyed more than 400 parents before we started making this product. You can see what other parents are thinking on 2018 Cyberbullying Survey with parents

You talked, we listened

"For 2 months my kid was bullied and I wish I knew"

“We are just going through the phone to see the apps they are using or what they are posting”

“I have talked to other parents ...(about apps) and there is nothing good out there”

“I am pretty confident that he is not getting bullied, but you can never be 100% sure”

“I am really worried about predators contacting her (daughter) or her being influenced by them”

“The schools do not help, you are on your own”

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